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Plantoost is a digital education platform made for learners and teachers. Learn from many available online courses, workshops and tutorials, or share your expertise and monetize.

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Share your expertise and make a living doing what you love.

Creating Possibilities for Anyone to Teach

Easy to implement, use, and scale

Plantoost tools work right out of the box, with powerful features and functions to help anyone create educational content easily. Our platform is designed to grow and scale, so it works for educators of any size—from teacher to school.

Creating Possibilities for Anyone to Teach

Smart Intelligence

Analytics are an integral part of any educator, and ours pack a punch. With Plantoost, you get industry benchmark data, enrollment, and better context for every activity.

Creating Possibilities for Anyone to Teach

Fully optimized for web and mobile

Give your students a captivating and consistent learning experience across all platforms. Be it desktops, tablets, or smartphones, your content is going to look great on any device.


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