The Plantoost Affiliate Program

What is the benefit of being a Plantoost Affiliate?

You'll earn commission for sharing high quality teaching content.


Earn up to $5 for every new customer you refer to Plantoost

You'll get a unique tracking link that you can use to share any Plantoost link and if a customer subscribes to a paid plan via your link, you'll get paid!

Plantoost instructors spend tremendous amount of time on their work

As an affiliate, you not only earn money in commission for each customer that signs up, you are helping the instructors.

Frequently Asked Affiliate Questions

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What is Plantoost?
Plantoost is an online education platform where students can learn high quality learning materials at an affordable price.
Plantoost affiliates may earn commission for every new customer who purchase a class.
Anyone. Yes, anyone! Just sign up and you'll get a unique tracking link.