Why Setting Goals Is A Must

Updated December 29, 2019
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Learn how to set goals for 2020.

You are probably wondering, why is goal setting important?

Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do in your life if you want to achieve something in your day to day activity.

Learn about the importance of goal setting if you want to accomplish things in the next couple of months.

We all know the year is about to end and while looking back and considering what you achieved in 2019 is a good idea, it’s even more important to look forward to 2020 and start thinking about what you want to achieve then.

Now, let’s dive and look at how important goal setting is and why you should do it now.

How to Set Goals

First off, you have to be specific. Your goal must be clear and well defined. "make a lot of money" or "make more friends" is generic and really useless. Instead, it needs to be something like "hit the gym with a training plan" or get better with socializing by taking classes that offer social skills.

Second, you have to have achievable goals.The worst goals you can set are the unachievable ones. I’m 38—it’s way too late for me to start a career in the military. It doesn’t matter what goals I set, becoming a military officer is just not in my future. Make sure the goals you set are achievable for you.

Third, make sure your goals are measurable. Relevant to your broader aims. Small goals should drive you towards bigger targets. If you want to get a promotion in work, then you should look at finding ways to take on more responsibilities that are measurable. Don’t pick goals that take you in the wrong direction.

Get Steered in the Right Direction

Goals are so important because they give you direction. When you have clearly set and well-defined goals, they make lots of decisions easy. You end up freeing up a lot of unnecessary time and space to focus on achieving the goals.

The goals you set should be a way for you to track your progress and personal growth. By regularly sitting down and looking at how close or far you are to achieving your goals you can see in what areas of your life you’re succeeding and where you need to put more work in and that is better than not having a goal at all.

For example, if your aim over the last two months was to learn a language, then you should now have a language book that you've been reading for the past two months. Or at least, do some research on which language book is the best fit and buy it.

If you are already working on it, that’s great because you’re well on your way to achieving your broader aim of learning a new language! If not, then you need to think about where you’re going wrong and what you can do about it. 

By using goals to shape your life, you can give yourself lots of these small victories that keep you on the right path. Without goals, it's likely you'll end up feeling empty at the end of the year.

With a goal in place and a way to keep track of it, you’re ready to make sure you do whatever it takes to achieve something.

At the end of every day you’ll be able to see if you managed to keep your social media use to less than half an hour. If you did, well done! Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy that small thrill of victory and personal pride. If not, then you need to look at why you didn’t, and try again the next day. 

Whatever the mental block is, there’s always a way to use goal setting to get around it or through it.

Actions speak louder than words. You control your life and success, now put it to work.

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