This program addresses the biggest challenge brands face in today's brand-eroding e-commerce age: how can I (re-) build my brand's 'Emotional Equity' and activate an emotional need for my brand?

Difficult. But entirely possible.

In my 20-year career spanning insights, brand communication and innovation, and working with Fortune 500 and emerging brands in global markets, I learned that consumer purchase decisions are never swayed solely with info on tech, quality and performance. Never. Ever.

Brands win by psychologically ‘framing’ product and brand experience, by creating a feeling of personal relevance.

Brands win by touching people emotionally.

In this program, with extensive visuals and stories for an immersive learning experience, I share what I gained via hundreds of insights and brand communication projects that I carried out for companies including Unilever, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ford, L'Oreal, Tencent, Pernod Ricard, Colgate, Bosch and many others.

You will gain advanced understanding of psychological insights techniques that decode critical customer needs, how to align branding & communication with people's perceptions and emotions, and how to create a brand experience in an engaging and motivating way.

Here are the tools you need to become a top-flight branding specialist: the scientific knowledge and creative inspiration you gain here is distilled to the essence of what really matters at each critical step, conveyed in a seamless journey through the whole customer insights to final brand experience crafting process.

This course is divided into 4 sections:

  • Reasons why and how brands fail to connect with people's fundamental emotional needs.

  • Critical customer insights you need for crafting a brand narrative that commands powerful emotional impact and relevance.

  • Applying insights: with examples from my experience, we'll construct a sharp articulation angle for a Brand Narrative to elicit a specific emotional response in the customer.

  • Taking brand narrative into persuasive creative communication: using dramatic storytelling, we craft brand communication that captivates emotionally. We define the Role of the Brand, we explore creative ways of marketing the story to create loyal fans and comitted customers.

What Will I Learn?

You will understand what kind insights you need to obtain to understand customers' emotional needs, how to apply those insights to crafting brand communication messages by paying attention to critical angles, articulations and the actual story that needs to be told. You will become a much more effective brand storyteller, by knowing how story works and how to use that knowledge for brand communication.


Part I: Successful Brands address Specific Emotional Needs
Why Brands Fail
What People Really Need (is not always what they say they want)
Part II: Critical Insights – Emotional Frames and Personal Narratives
Insights: Emotional Frames & Psycho-dynamic Relationships
Insights: The Impact of People's Own Narratives on Navigating their Lives
Part III: Create and Effective Brand Narrative to Fuel Emotional Motivation
Creating a Sharp Thematic Angle for a Compelling Brand Experience
Protecting Brand Narrative Consistency in the Celeb & Influencer Age
Part IV: Communication Psychology – How to Pull instead of Push
Deploying the Psychological Power of Dramatic Brand Storytelling
Creating an Irresistible Story for an Irresistible Brand Experience
Growing a Fanbase who turn into loyal Customers via the Brand's ‘Must See’ Story

Skills Covered



No particular requirement, only one overriding goal: a determination to become a brand story & communication specialist who is a master in tapping into people's emotional needs.

About The Instructor

Hi, I'm Holger!

20 years have passed since I founded an Insights and Branding Agency in Shanghai, helping global and local brands to gain and expand a strong foothold in one of the most exciting, mindblowing and challenging markets on the planet, while working with brand teams in India,...