Have you ever wondered how companies like Plated, HelloFresh built their websites?

Don't worry! I thought about that too and have figured it out for you!

After years of experimenting and learning from the pros, I have created a course that will teach you step by step how to build a web app modeled after one of the top meal kit delivery services with pretty much the same tech stack they used when they started.

In this course, we'll build from the landing page to the subscription payment form to making sure the payment processing actually WORKS!

If you are still searching for that ideal technology co-founder but just can't seem to find one according to your budget, I suggest you get started with learning how these tech startups started it all in the first place.

Forget about fake clone scripts or WordPress themes out there that charge you a fortune and don't teach you how things work.

Don't be at the mercy of your technology co-founder, learn how things work yourself.

Learn to create subscription plans and process your customers' payments!

Whether you're building a startup with a subscription model like Hello Fresh, or a budding web development student looking to speed up your learning process, this course is a guaranteed worthwhile investment

This web app is packed with many features a subscription-based business or startup will find perfect:


The source code can be used for more than just a meal kit delivery service. You can tweak it per your configuration, for any other subscription-based business.

You will get:

  • A fully responsive & customizable food delivery template
  • Step by step written and visual instructions
  • Additional CSS code and simple to follow instructions
  • Links to all resources, websites and services mentioned in the video

So...what are you waiting for? Enroll in this course for step-by-step instructions and FULL source code + assistance, to guide you through building your own meal kit delivery clone web app in no time!

Skills Covered



  • Students should know basics of HTML and CSS
  • Students should have access to high-speed internet
  • Students should be passionate about building web applications

About The Instructor

Shawn Ng


Shawn is the CEO and founder of Plantoost where he teaches app development, web design, software engineering, fungi, plant science, and more. He graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2015 with a major in Applied Plant Science. Since graduation, his work has taken him in a wide variety of directions but has now solidly found the tech industry to be his calling.

Like many, he has always had a love of learning but have struggled with the typical resources out there. Because of that, he created Plantoost, an e-learning platform where anyone can find or teach comprehensive workshops and courses that break down the complex details into small, straight-forward digestible pieces. He likes to focus on project driven education as much as possible. His workshops and courses are extremely straight-to-the-point and jam-packed with information about the topics he teaches.