Would you like to discover how developers create mobile applications for Android? 

In this video course, you'll learn how to use Java to create fun applications that work directly on your mobile phone. You'll follow each step to create 11 different applications so that you can take the skills you've learned here, and create new applications. All the software which you'll need to download for this course are free to install and use.

What will you learn in this course?

  • The basics of the Java language that programmers use to create their applications
  • How to build your app using Android Studio
  • What a developer is thinking while they build their app
  • What techniques to use while troubleshooting application features, or while thinking about new things to add to your app
  • How to build a video player, music player, camera app, drawing app, and many more
  • Application monetization with Google AdMob.

So get ready to practice creative thinking as you learn the basics of app development while getting ready to build a new and exciting app for the Android community. Once you're done with this course, you'll have the skills needed to sell your services to clients or build your own applications to earn passive income!


Build a Android PDF Reader Application
PDF Reader Setup
Permissions for Loading Files
PDF Viewer and Other Features
PDF File Selection
Cleaning Up the App
Establish an Android Photo Gallery Application
Sharing Images
Gallery Setup
Displaying Images
UI Elements
Renaming and Deleting Images
Rotating Images
Bug Fixes
Make an Android Music Player
Music Player Setup
Adding Music
Playing Music
Pausing and Playback
Bug Fixes
Assemble an Android Video Player
Video Player Setup
List View
Video Controls
Starting the Video Player Activity
Completing the Video Player Activity
Android Calculator Application Creation
Calculator Setup
User Interface and Functions
Calculations Part 1
Calculations Part 2
Bug Fixes
Getting Familiar with Android Studio
Introduction to Android Studio
Installing an Android Emulator
Android Activity Lifecycle
Displaying Websites
Welcome to the Course!
Course Introduction Video
Program a Android To-Do List Application
To-Do List Setup
Add and Remove Tasks
Storing and Deleting Tasks
Creating the User Interface
Adding Important Tasks
OnClick Functionality
Deletion of Multiple Tasks
Simplifying Application Code
Completing the Application
Construct an Android Drawing Application
Drawing App Setup
Paint View
Drawing Features
Create an Android File Manager Application
File Manager Setup
Setting the App to List View
Setting Permissions
Android File Database
Selecting Files and Folders
Deleting Files and Folders
Creating New Folders
Bug Fixing
Renaming Files
Copying and Pasting Files
Cleaning Up the App
Make an Android Studio Calendar Application
Calendar Setup
Text Inputs
Day, Month, and Year Text Inputs
Bug Fixes and App Improvements
Jump to Today Feature
Saving and Reading Information
Invent an Android Photo Editor Application
Photo Editor Setup
Permissions and Click Listeners
Creating Image Files and Changing View
Importing Images
Filtering Images
Bug Fixes
Java for App Development
Let's Learn Java!
Java Variables, Methods, and Operations
Loops, Control Flow Statements, and Type Casting Objects
Exceptions, Operations and Arrays
Inner Classes, Inheritance, Input, and Date
Files, Exceptions, and Array Lists
Produce an Android Camera Application
Camera Application Setup
Preview and Rotate Features
Layout and Flash Features
Photo Capture and Callback
Video Recording
Bug Fixes
Google AdMob & Android App Integration
Banner Ads
Interstitial Ads
Rewarded Video Ads
Text Files for Banner, Interstitial, and Rewarded Video Ads

Skills Covered



  • You will need a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with 4GB Ram and 2390*800 screen resolution minimum.
  • A background in the Java programming language is important, but not necessary, given that there will be lessons on Java in this course.

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