Not yet a web developer? That's perfectly fine!

With all the various web technologies out there and the different opinions on which to learn first, it's tough to know where to start.

For the year 2020 and beyond, it is important to know what types of web development technologies and frameworks to study in-depth and what not to. In this course, there is no time for long-winded blabber of concepts that very often or not, put us to sleep before we even get to what's important. We're going to learn about everything you need to know to get hired, transforming you from zero to hero.

NOTE: This is an EARLY BIRD version of the course, meaning all content is not yet published. Pre-order today and save!

About The Instructor

Shawn Ng
Shawn Ng


Shawn is the CEO and founder of Plantoost where he teaches app development, web design, software engineering, fungi, plant science, and more.

He graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2015 with a major in Applied Plant Science. Since graduation, his work has taken him in a wide variety of directions but has now solidly found the tech industry to be his calling.

Like many, he has always had a love of learning but have struggled with the typical resources out there. Because of that, he created Plantoost, an e-learning platform where anyone can find or teach comprehensive workshops and courses that break down the complex details into small, straight-forward digestible pieces.

He likes to focus on project driven education as much as possible. His workshops and courses are extremely straight-to-the-point and jam-packed with information about the topics he teaches.