Want to start coding but don’t know where to start?

Want to create a web application that can scale like the big boys but don’t know how?

Guess what?

Sometimes its all about getting the right GUIDANCE.

For a very long time now, I have learned that there just aren’t that many advanced courses out there that cover from the basic application through deploying it to production.

Also a hands on approach to learning how to code DOES MATTER!

And that’s why I am creating this BONANZA so that you can learn how to code like the Pros and create a startup or something of your own.

Who says you can’t build a robust web application!?

Anything is possible! If the founders of Twitter, Shopify, AirBnb didn’t think it was possible, they wouldn’t be where they are right now.

Forget about relying on Udemy API, Teachable or LearnDash where you have no control over how things work.

For starters, we are going to be building a solid robust web application that works like an online education platform similar to what Plantoost was before.

We will code from scratch using Ruby on Rails, put together a webpage. Then we will move on to CSS3 and learn how to position, style HTML elements. In addition, we will look at client side, interactive programming with vanilla Javascript and JQuery.

We will also build a back-end admin panel from scratch,

removing the need for additional Ruby gems like Rails Admin or Active Admin which often times can add bloat to an already sophisticated application. The main point of a successful app is to have it as lean as possible.

To have a video streaming service, we will also create a video player platform that hosts our videos on the Amazon S3 platform,

removing the need for reliance on video streaming services that sometimes charge you a fortune a month!

In addition to front-end and back-end development, we will use Git for version control and show you how you can deploy your application to production in a DigitalOcean VPS.

On top of that, we will make sure we create background processing using Sidekiq for file upload tasks,

email transactions with Amazon SES, many of which are what the big boys are doing!

Completing this more than full stack course may be challenging at first but it gives you the necessary skills you need to be a well-rounded web developer. Understanding how the MVC / Action Layer fits with User Interface and very importantly the server, network and hosting environment, can elevate your know-how and accelerate your journey to becoming the best developer you can possibly be.

What exactly is in this incredible course?

  • CSS/HTML design done modern and right
  • Advanced Ruby on Rails
  • User authentication
  • Admin authentication and back-end system
  • Workshop setup for users (Learn how to allow/limit access)
  • Add and modify workshops as admin
  • Video upload for workshop's lessons (using own server to process video files, learning intricacies involved in media processing and more)
  • Ability to organize lesson videos via drag-and-drop
  • User profile
  • Comment system
  • Review system
  • Utilizing PostgreSQL database
  • Utilizing Redis for caching
  • Sidekiq background processing
  • Request invite / Contact form
  • One-time payments (automatic enrollment after payment)
  • Email system with Amazon SES (Automated emailing for user registrations etc)
  • Deployment from localhost to production server w/ Capistrano

Get to learn how to create all the above mentioned features and use these codes in your future project or startup.

Why is this a big deal?

The lack of visual tutorials for advanced web development to production can be a pain in the butt for many beginners who just want to build an app just like the real startups do, without jumping through hoops. Unless you have all the right resources, it could take a while.

As a person who has been coding since I was 12, I know how important it is to master the right curriculum to become a full-stack developer. That said, I also have had gaps where I pursued agriculture and botany, so if you think you have to be total coding geek to master web development, think again. It's not impossible!

What Will I Learn?

  • A fully responsive & customizable online education/school/tutor template
  • Step by step written and visual instructions
  • Additional CSS code and simple to follow instructions
  • Links to all resources, websites and services mentioned in the video
  • Create an advanced education platform and deploy to production


Setting up file attachments
Implementing the upload system
Sample images and videos
Comment system
Comment model and polymorphism
Creating comment controller
Adding comment views
Review system
Creating the review model
Creating the review controller
Creating the review views
Setting up user authentication
Installing and configuring Devise
Registering with first and last name
Conditional logic
Setting up flash messages
Starting up our app
Creating our Rails app
Adding libraries and controller setup
Adding the header and footer
Creating app's admin dashboard
Setting things up
Login views
Administrating users
Add new user
Editing user
Administering workshops
Add new workshop
Editing workshop
Modifying homepage
Workshop Part 2
Listing workshops
Showing workshop page
Workshops Part 1
Creating the workshop model
Creating the workshop controller
Setup your development environment
Installing Ruby on Rails packages and database systems
Administering lessons
Creating lesson model
Creating lesson controllers
Creating admin lesson views
Curriculum in workshop
Video transcoding
Implementing video uploader
Utilizing caching
Sidekiq processing
Installing FFmpeg
Background transcoding
Creating lesson show page
Profile description and avatar
User profile
Upload avatar and settings pages
User sessions
User sessions, registrations and redirects
Request invite and mailers
Request invite and previewing mail
External storage
Integrating with AWS S3
Deploying to production
Setting up VPS
Source code management
Configuring production server
Configuring development server
Credentials and deployment
Enrollments & access
Enrollment model
Enrollment controller and enroll button
Enabling access to enrolled users
Setting up one-time payments
Stripe integration
Creating charges
Adding purchases controller and payment confirmation page
Creating the checkout page
Moving from payment complete page to enrolled workshops page
Storing card info
Upgrading to Rails 6
Upgrading from Rails 5.2 to Rails 6

Skills Covered



  • Basic understanding of Ruby programming.
  • Some knowledge of how Ruby on Rails work.
  • You need a Mac, Ubuntu or Windows computer/machine to develop the sample application

About The Instructor

Shawn is the CEO and founder of Plantoost where he teaches app development, web design, software engineering, fungi, plant science, and more.

He graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2015 with a major in Applied Plant Science. Since graduation, his work has taken him ...