Speed Learn Microsoft Windows Server 2019!

This course is designed for speed learning Server 2019. The course is broken down into bite-size manageable chunks with most of the video tutorials being less than 5 minutes long and any tutorial over 5 minutes comes with a lab file to easily follow along with.

Open your virtual machine, follow along using a short very concise video tutorial, move on to the next video, repeat. 


This Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Course is a follow-on for my two Server 2012 courses, Parts I & II and my Server 2016 course. It is highly recommended anyone contemplating signing up for this course first complete both of my Server 2012 courses and my Server 2016 course or have a good background working with Microsoft Windows Server.

This Windows Server 2019 course uses hands-on training. This course is designed for those needing to become familiar with Server 2019, building and maintaining a Microsoft Server 2019 network from the ground up. Students will learn how to install and configure Windows Server 2019 just as they would as a network administrator or networking consultant.

Students will also learn how to install, configure and manage the most common roles and services found on a Microsoft 2019 network.

Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the course are completely open and free. If you can set up your virtual lab environment, you will have no issue with completing this course. Please do not enroll until you have completed setting up your lab environment. 

Do you want to learn how to install and configure Microsoft Windows Server 2019?  

Do you prefer learning using hands-on as opposed to just a lecture and quiz?

If you have answered YES to the above questions, then you are in the right place.  

This course teaches you the administration skills for Installing and Configuring a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 domain.  

This course provides a solid hands-on experience for learning Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and is designed for those needing to demonstrate basic day-to-day administration and configuration skills required for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 administering. 

This course provides hands-on learning on how to install, maintain and configure Microsoft Windows Server 2019. The course is structured using short tutorial videos and hands-on labs. Students open up their VM of Server 2019, watch a short video tutorial and complete the lab and move to the next tutorial.  

Students who take and complete this course will be able to install and configure build a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 domain complete with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Group Policy, Certificates, and other roles and features commonly found in a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 domain.  

The course labs consist of configuring three virtual machines to join a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 network, creating Microsoft Windows Server 2019 domain environment and installing and configuring different server roles and features.  

Why should you take this course?  

  • A solid hands-on training course with lab practice  
  • Use applied to learn to install, configure and maintain Microsoft Windows Server 2019  
  • You will learn to install Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience, Windows Server 2019 Core, and Windows 10 Pro as a client.
  • You will also learn Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Networking, creating domain environment and installing and configuring different server roles  

This is the course that could change your life.    

An investment in your career is an investment in yourself. Don’t procrastinate! There is no time like the present to take charge of your future.

See you on the course…!!!

What Will I Learn?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Install and configure Windows Server 2019, implement Active Directory, and maintain server environments.
  • Install Windows Server 2019 as Server Core and Desktop Experience.
  • Install fundamental roles such as DNS, DHCP, and IIS.


Section 4: Active Directory Administration
4.1 video - Create a User in Active Directory
4.2 Video - Limit computers a user can log onto
4.3 Video - Limit logon hours for a user in Windows Active Directory
4.4 Video - Reset a user's password in Windows Active Directory
4.5 Video - Unlock or enable an account in Active Directory
Section 2: Building Your Virtual Lab Enviorment
2.1 Video - Create a Virtual Install of Server 2019 Full GUI
2.1 Lab - Create a Virtual Install of Server 2019 Using VirtualBox
2.2. Video -Create a Virtual Install of Server 2019 Core Using VirtualBox
2.2 Lab -Create a Virtual Install of Server 2019 Core Using VirtualBox
2.3 Video -Create a Virtual Install of Windows 10 VirtualBox
2.3.Lab - Creating a Virtual Install of Windows 10 Pro Using VirtualBox
Section 1: Course Welcome and Overview
Start here.....Course overview video!
Section 5: Server 2019 Administration
5.1 Video - Reset a Lost Administrator password in Windows Server
5.1 Lab - Reset a Lost Administrator password in Windows Server
5.2 Video - Video - Create a shared folder Using Windows Server
5.3 Video - Create a Shared Folder Using Server Manager
5.4 Video - Disable the complex password policy in Windows Server
5.5 Video - Rearm the 180-day Evaluation Period for Windows Server
5.6 Video - Rearm the 30-day Evaluation for Windows 10
5.7 Video - Windows Server 2019 Updates Settings
5.8 video - Enable Remote Desktop for Server 2019
5.9 Video - NTDSUTIL: Resetting the Directory Services Recovery Mode Password
5.10 Video - Create a Heads-up Display Using BgInfo
5.11 Video - Manually Enabling Remote Management
Section 6: Group Policy
6.1 Video - Prevent automatic logoff due to inactivity
6.2 Video - How to create and link a group policy to an OU
6.3 Video - How to edit group policy objects to affect a user
6.4 Video - How to edit a group policy object to affect a computer
6.5 Video - Backup and restore Group Policy objects in Active Directory
6.6 Video - Force Screensaver and Timeouts Using Group Policy
6.7 Video- Change Users Desktop Background Using Group Policy
Section 3: Building a Windows Server 2019 Domain
Network diagram and configuration
3.0 Video – Preparing Your Network for Active directory
3.0 Lab – Preparing Server 2019 for Promotion to a Domain Controller
3.1 Step 1: Rename Your Server Using Powershell
3.2 Step 2: Assign a Static IP address Using PowerShell
3.3 Step 3: Install the Active Directory Domain Services Role Using Powershell
3.4 Step 4: Promote Server 2019 as a Domain Controller Using PowerShell
3.5 Step 5: Promote Server Core to a Domain Controller
3.6.Step 6: Add a Windows 10 Client to the Domain
Section 7: Domain Naming System (DNS)
7.1 Video - Installing the DNS role using Server Manager
7.2 Video - Create a secondary or backup DNS server
7.3 Video - Create a secondary or backup DNS server using Server Core
7.4 Video - Create a DNS reverse lookup zone in Server 2019
7.5 Video - Create a new DNS host record
7.6 video - Create a host Record for a new website in Microsoft DNS
7.7 Video - Creating a new MX record for a Microsoft Exchange Server in DNS
Section 8: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
8.1 Video - Install the DHCP Role Using PowerShell
8.2 Video - Installing the DHCP Server Role Using Server Manager
8.3 Video - How to authorize/Unauthorize a DHCP server
8.4 Video - How to Edit the default gateway settings in DHCP
8.5 Video - How to edit DNS server list in DHCP
8.6 Video - Edit a DHCP Scope
8.7 video - How to backup and restore the DHCP database
8.8 Video - Use filters in DHCP to deny clients DHCP services
8.10 Video - Create predefined options in DHCP
8.11 Video - Use DHCP User Classes to Assign Alternate DHCP Options
Section 9: Disk Management
9.1 Video - How to shrink or extend a volume in Windows Server 2019
9.2 Video - How to format a volume with ReFS in Windows Server 2019
9.3 Video - How to format a volume with FAT32 in Windows Server 2019
Section 11: Firewall Administration
11.1 video -Turn the Windows firewall on and off
11.2 Video - How to Allow an Inbound Port Thru Windows Firewall
11.3 Video - Using netsh to Manage the Windows Firewall
11.4 Video - Using Powershell to Gather Firewall Information
Section 12: IIS
12.1 Video - Basic website configuration using IIS in Windows Server 2019
12.2 Video - How to turn on website authentication in IIS Windows Server 2019
12.3 Video - Improve Website Performance Using Dynamic Compression in IIS
12.4 Video - Create a New Virtual directory in IIS
12.5 Video - Change the Default Document Used in IIS
Section 10: Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
10.1 Video - Installing WDS on a Windows Server
10.2 Video - Create a Remote Install of Windows 10 Using WDS

Skills Covered



  • Candidates should have experience with navigating the Windows operating system.
  • Desktop PC or laptop with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM (16 GB preferred).
  • System BIOS with virtualization capabilities.

About The Instructor

Prof. K comes to Plantoost with a Master of Science in Cyber Security from UMUC (2015) and Master of Science in Information Technology from Capella University (2007).

Prof. k has worked in technology since 1998 working as a Microsoft Support Technician, a Microsoft Certified Trainer,...