About This Class

Statistics you need in the office: Descriptive statistics, Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis Testing

Is statistics a driving force in the industry you want to enter? Do you want to work as a Data Analyst, a Business Intelligence Analyst, a Marketing Analyst, Data Scientist or are you a small business owner that needs statistical knowledge for your business?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

This is where you start. And it is the perfect beginning! 

In no time, you will acquire the Basic skills that will enable you to understand  statistical analysis directly applicable to real-life situations. I have created a course that is:  

·        Easy to understand 

·        Comprehensive 

·        Practical 

·        To the point 

·        Packed with plenty of exercises and resources  

·        Data-driven 

·        Introduces you to the statistical scientific lingo 

·        Teaches you about data visualisation 

It is no secret that a lot of these topics have been explained online. Thousands of times. However, it is next to impossible to find a structured program that gives you an understanding of why certain statistical tests are being used so often. Modern software packages are automating most of these activities, but this course gives you something more valuable – critical thinking abilities. statistics are like ships at sea. They are fine vessels that will carry you to the desired destination, but it is up to you, the aspiring data analyst or BI analyst, to navigate and point them in the right direction.  

 Why do you need these skills?  

1.    Salary/Income – careers in the field of data analyst and business intelligence are some of the most popular in the corporate world today. And, given that most businesses are starting to realise the advantages of working with the data at their disposal, this trend will only continue to grow 

2.    Promotions – If you understand Statistics well, you will be able to back up your business ideas with quantitative evidence, which is an easy path to career growth 

3.    Secure Future – as we said, the demand for people who understand numbers and data, and can interpret it, is

4.    growing exponentially; you’ve probably heard of the number of jobs that will be automated soon, right? Well,data and business intelligence careers are the ones doing the automating, not getting automated

5.    Growth - this isn’t a boring job. Every day, you will face different challenges that will test your existing skills and require you to learn something new  

What Will I Learn?

Learning outcome

·        Understand the fundamentals of statistics

·        Learn how to work with different types of data

·        How to plot different types of data

·        Calculate the measures of central tendency, asymmetry, and variability

·        Calculate correlation and covariance

·        Distinguish and work with different types of distributions

·        Estimate confidence intervals

·        Perform hypothesis testing

·        Make data driven decisions


Introduction: What does this course cover?
Course overview
Chapter 1: Descriptive Statistics
Understanding Population and Sample Data
Types of Variables
Visualisation Techniques
Calculating Mean Median and Mode
How to identify Outliers
Calculating Variance
Standard Deviation/Coeeficient of Variation
Calculating Covariance
Correlation Coefficient
Chapter 2 : Inferential Statistics
What is a Distribution
Normal Distribution
Central Limit Theorem
Standard Error
Estimators and Estimates
Confidence Intervals with Known Population Varia
Confidence Intervals and Student's T
Confidence intervals unknown Variance
Chapter 3 : Hypothesis Testing
Null and Alternative Hypothesis
Establishing A Rejection Region
Type 1 and Type 11 Error
Test for the Mean. Known Variance
The P-Value and it's Importance in Statistics
Test for the Mean. uKnown Variance
Test for the Mean Dependent Sample
Test for the Mean Independent Sample part 1
Test for the Mean Independent Sample part 2

Skills Covered



What are the requirements?

·        Absolutely no experience is required. We will start from the very basics and gradually build up your knowledge. Everything is in the course.

·        A willingness to learn and practice

About The Instructor

My name is Karimat Louis-Maalik and I am super-psyched that you are reading this!

Professionally, I am a Business Intelligence Analyst with over five years of experience in e-commerce,, retail, information technology, other industries. Today I leverage Big Data to drive business strategy...