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By the end of this course, you will be confidently implementing techniques across the major situations in Statistics, Business, and Data Analysis.

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  • • It is a complete guide of Statistics & Data Analysis concepts used in Education, Data Science and corporates with 100+ live industry cases, videos and examples.
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  • • Consultants who don't know where to get started
  • • People who want a career in Business Intelligence & Data Science
  • • Business executives & Business Analysts
  • • People who want to learn the fundamentals of statistics
  • • School students who wants to have strong base of Statistics


Data Visualisation
Line Chart
Bar Diagram
Application of Bar chart
Pie Chart
Secret Locker & Key problem
Frequency Distribution
Important terms related to FD
Graphical Representation of FD
Mode from Graph
Concept of Frequency Polygon
Median from Ogive
Ogive continues
Frequency Curves
Hypothesis Testing
HT1-Concept of Hypothesis Testing
HT2-Burden of proof
HT3-Standard Error
HT4-Why do we need Hypothesis testing?
HT5-Difference between Std Error & std Deviation
HT6-Type1 & Type 2 errors
HT7-forming hypothesis correctly
HT8-Examples-Forming Null & Alternate Hypothesis
HT9- Lower, Upper & 2 tailed Test
HT10-How to prove Hypothesis
HT11-What if researchers set 0% error?.mp4
Measurement of Central Tendencies
Concept of Central Tendency
Arithmetic Mean
Geometric Mean
Harmonic Mean
Median for Discrete data
Central Tendency for Open class FD
Concept of Quartile, Decile and Percentile
Q,D & P for Discrete data
AM for Frequency Data
How to write Quartile, Decile, Percentile
Calculating Median for Gr. frequency Data
finding missing frequencies in Quartiles
calculating Q,D,P for open ended-unqual C.I
Mode for discrete data
Understanding Mode formula
calculating mode for gr. frequency data
Emperical formula
Relation of CT lines for skewed data
Probability1_concept & Approaches of the probability
Probability2_validity of probability outcomes
Probability3_Sample space & other related terms
Probability4_ solved problems1
Probability5_Relative Probability
Probability7_Independent & Dependent probability
Probability8_conditional probability
Probability9_Addition & Multiplication Rule
Probability10_JP_MP_CP problem
Probability11_Bayes' Theorem
Probability12_Application of Bayes Theorem
Probability13_Decision Tree
Probability14_calculating Population Mean , SD & Variance
Probability15_Calculation of Expected value of Random Variables
Distribution1_Concept of Theoretical Distribution
Distribution2_Uniform Distribution
Distribution3_Binomial Distribution
Distribution5_BD Problem solving
Distribution7_Poisson Distribution
Distribution9_PD- Partial Intervals
Distribution11_ND,SND & formulae
Distribution12_Normal Distribution & SND
Distribution13_Z score and Solving Business problem
Dispersion1_concept of Dispersions
Dispersion2_Range & coeff of Range
Dispersion3_Quartile Deviation & Coefficient of QD
Dispersion4_calculating QD for open ended c.I
Dispersion5_Concept of Mean Deviation
Dispersion6_Calculating MD
Dispersion7_Standard Deviation
Dispersion8_SD_video explanation
Dispersion9_composite SD
Dispersion10_Coefficient of variance
Dispersion11_Batsman problem
Dispersion12_CV- missing freq problem
Dispersion13_calculating correct mean &SD from wrong data
Time Series & Trend Analysis
TSA1_Time series analysis
TSA2_Additive & Multiplicative Model
TSA3_Secular Trend Analysis- Graphical Method
TSA4_Secular Trend Analysis- Method of Semi Average
TSA5_Secular Trend Analysis- 3 Year moving Average
TSA6_Secular Trend Analysis- WEIGHTED moving Average
Undesrating & Application of Data
Know your instructor
math vs Statistics
Why to know Statistics
History of Statistics
Father of Statistics
Limitation of Statistics
Application of Data
Correlation Analysis
Concept of Correlation Analysis
scattered Diagram
Pearson's Correlation coefficient
KP solved problem
Spearman's Rank Correlation
Spearman's Correlation Solved problem
Coeff.of Concurrent Deviation

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