Jewelry is something that people will buy regardless of the economy. That comes from the fact that jewelry simply is a way to make one feel good and it is also a little bit of luxury. Surf jewelry belongs to the so called ”surf culture”. If you like surfing or you just love to go to the beach there are a lot of beautiful jewelry pieces that you can create yourself. Handcrafted jewelry possesses a class, flair and uniqueness that is very hard to compete with. Wearing such pieces gives you a chance to stand out and it also gives you the satisfaction of creating something worthy. The world’s finest jewelry is handmade and a lot of jewelry designers have started their business on a whim, with no planning. You can experiment with contrasting lengths, shapes, textures and colors. Perhaps you like wearing beaded jewelry best, or maybe you prefer the simple look of metal jewelry. Maybe you want to work with leather or glass. Making your own jewelry is not only a fun and addictive hobby, but it also has the benefit that you get to wear what you have created. Whether you plan to work with beads, metal, or leather, there are a few skills you should know.


Surf and Beach Jewelry
Jewelry Tools
Jewelry Tools
Jewelry Supply
Jewelry Supply
Surf and Beach Anklets
Anklet with Sliding Knot
Metal Link Anklet
Evil Eye Glass Anklet
Chain Anklet
Rainbow Beaded Anklet
Minimalist Chakra Anklet for Men
Minimalist Water Resistant Cord Anklet for Women
Surf Anklet with Silding Knot for Women
Nylon Water Resistant Anklet
Surf Shell Bracelet
Surf Cord Bracelet with Sliding Knot for Men
Beach Chain Bracelet
Glass Evil Eye Bracelet
Beaded Beach Bracelet
Surf Braided Leather Bracelet
Chain Bracelet for Men
Rainbow Cord Bracelet
Water Resistant Beach Bracelet
Beaded Surf Bracelet
Braided Surf Bracelet with Clasp
Braided Surf Bracelet with Sliding Knot
Wood Dangle Earrings
Metal Earrings
Shell Earrings
Beaded Wood Earrings
Amber and Coral Earrings
Coconut Surf Earrings
Surf Feather Earring
Leverback Ear Wire Earring
Starfish Surf Earrings
Glass Beach Earrings
Wooden Necklace with Feather Pendant
Surf Leather Cord Necklace with Sliding Knot
Beaded Surf Necklace
Spring Coil End Necklace
Beach Metal Necklace
Metal Pendant Surf Necklace
Surf Necklace for Women
Whale Tail Surf Necklace
Fold Over Cord End Necklace
Hook and Eye Clasp Necklace
Waterproof Fishhook Surf Necklace
Arrowhead Surf Necklace
Sliding Knot Surf Pendant

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