If you always wanted to draw people but didn’t know where to start, this class is for you. I will explain how to create fun, unique, and expressive sketches of people using live models. No prior knowledge of human anatomy, measuring or shading techniques is required. This class is will be interesting for beginners and for experienced artists who want to loosen up or try some new ideas. Draw your friends and family, or go out and sketch – this fast sketching technique does not require sitting still for hours, so anybody can be your model. We will be mixing various sketching materials – watercolor, gouache, color pencils, inks - to create a sketch in your unique style. We will also talk about how to get proportions right without lengthy measuring and revising your drawing. But most of all, this class will be about building your confidence, having fun and expressing yourself as an artist.

What Will I Learn?

The main benefit of this class is that fast sketching will build your confidence. The technique requires bold action and forces quick decision. Practicing these skills will help you to draw and paint in a confident manner and will result in better art.

In this class we will learn:

-         how to create a simple outline that will help us to position the figure on paper and figure out the proportions;

-         how to refine that outline and add accents and details. At this point your drawing will look like a finished piece of art;

-        how to add even more life to your drawing by combining quick washes of watercolor or ink with linework;

-         how to use watercolor and other materials to take our quick sketches to the next level;

-         In the bonus video, I will show my technique for producing beautiful mixed media art pieces in about 20 minutes.


You Can Sketch People!
What is Sketching
Where to Find Models
Simple Outline
Proportions, Relationships, Composition
Expanded Outline
Quick Shading
Separating Light and Shadow
Hard and Soft Edges
Sketching with Color
Class Project
Getting a Head Start on Your Sketch

Skills Covered



Some basic drawing and painting skills will be helpful, but not required since I explain my method from scratch and in detail.

About The Instructor

Originally from Moscow, Russia, I am an artist living and working in Houston, TX. I was trained as an architect, but decided to do art full time in 2014 when I founded my company Tummy Rubb Studio. My art can be found in several healthcare facilities around the country and in private collectio...