Hello - Thank you so much for stopping by - I desire to teach what I learn and share what has helped me. Follow my journey and learn along with me!

Catalyst Creators was developed back in 2010 when I realized that my own personal development had taken me on a journey of realizing how my flaws can become the assets of understanding and internal greatness. With that I began to inspire and coach others on what it meant to be the change in the world.

Most recently I have begun to enter the public speaking arena seeking speaking engagements to impact more lives and help the world that is in desperate need of healing and the light of love. Catalyst Creators is about showing and teaching others about their own internal greatness, why these individuals are here on this Earth and to develop within themselves the CATALYST for change in our world. 

Will you be the next catalyst for change - I hope to see you soon in the classroom!

Namaste :)