This is a workshop where you will learn each and every important HTML concept from scratch. Each concept is explained in a very easy-to-understand way with real-world examples.

Generally, HTML is taught with a focus on language syntax but we will be learning where to start and how to approach a task and think like a front-end web developer.

We will start this workshop by learning HTML where you will come to understand tags, attributes, and many other aspects of HTML.

We will also be building simple web pages from scratch according to the best practices.

HTML is one of the building blocks that make up the web and with the fundamentals learned in this short workshop, you can then advance to learning about responsive design techniques with CSS-related workshops or courses, where you'll understand how mobile devices and desktop screens' different screen size play in user interfaces.


Global Structure
Images and Embedded Elements
Text Elements

Skills Covered



  • No coding or design experience necessary
  • You should know how to use your computer (Mac , Windows or Linux)

About The Instructor

Shawn Ng
Shawn Ng


Shawn is the CEO and founder of Plantoost where he teaches app development, web design, software engineering, fungi, plant science, and more.

He graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2015 with a major in Applied Plant Science. Since graduation, his work has taken him in a wide variety of directions but has now solidly found the tech industry to be his calling.

Like many, he has always had a love of learning but have struggled with the typical resources out there. Because of that, he created Plantoost, an e-learning platform where anyone can find or teach comprehensive workshops and courses that break down the complex details into small, straight-forward digestible pieces.

He likes to focus on project driven education as much as possible. His workshops and courses are extremely straight-to-the-point and jam-packed with information about the topics he teaches.